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Hypnosis can help identify the root causes that nudge you to consistently overeat. Everyone experiences life differently; therefore underlying issues and how they came into existence are different from person to person.

Whether beliefs, events, environment or situations are responsible for your behaviors, everything needs to be brought to the surface. These may be triggers causing you to overeat.

Hypnosis creates a pathway to your unconscious behavior. During this process you are guided to observe, understand and resolve your root causes.

You learn to release emotions to your comfort eating and discover their root causes. You explore new ways to nourish your body and mind with foods that are balancing and healing. Overeating will become a part of the past!

Guided imagery, inner guidance work and age regressions will help you uncover the real story of your hunger.

Call me today to discover how I can help you lose weight with hypnosis!

Marianne Zaugg